Blacksburgia webisode 30: VCOM Practice Patient

VCOM Practice Patient

Students at VCOM practice diagnosing an elderly volunteer who roleplays that he has Alzheimer’s.  They ask him questions and find out he doesn’t remember who even dropped him off, and they successfully diagnose him.

Only to realize he really is experiencing dementia and does not know where he is or where to go next.

Blacksburgia webisode 29: Culturally Naive Writing Teacher

The Culturally Naive  Writing Teacher

Bridgette takes a writing course offered to the community, and her classmates are a diverse set of community immigrants and international students.  The teacher begins making good-intentioned but awkward comments about his classroom being like the UN and assumes he knows about other cultures, only for the students to give him blank stares like he’s an idiot.  He keeps apologizing for the English language being so complicated until an Indian student raises his hand and says “actually, English was very easy for me to learn,” and several students nod their heads.  The teacher, flustered, begins making the assignments harder to prove that English is so hard to learn.

Blacksburgia webisode 26: The BT Bus That Ate Everyone

The BT Bus That Ate Everyone

It’s early morning.  A host of zombified Blacksburgians shuffle down the sidewalks to the bus stop, where they board a Blacksburg Transit bus.  Josh Edwards, bus driver in a camo hat and beard, lets the weary zombies aboard, where they take their seats and stare blankly out the window.  Amidst the silence of 7:45, the human Josh Edwards glances back at the zombies, and begins to speak to the undead:
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Blacksburgia webisode 25: White Scholars

White Scholars

A grad student becomes angry that the African American Heritage room in the student center is never occupied, except by white students looking for a quiet place to study.  She tries to stage a protest against this act of racial oppression.  A couple other students show up, but a miscommunication has led to the protest organizational meeting being held in a room that at the same time is occupied by a class on Anglo-Saxon language and literature that had to move from its normal meeting place.  The student views this as an act of white aggression, and doubles her efforts to protest white suppression of blacks.
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Blacksburgia webisode 24: Book Meditation Group

Book Meditation Group 

A combination yoga meditation group/book club forms at a local coffee shop wherein attendees read from a “spiritual/non-religious” book and then meditate.  It becomes problematic when members are trying to place themselves in difficult meditation postures and keep their books open to the page they are reading together at the same time.  The group leader spends most of the meeting attempting to help everyone stay in their posture and keep their book open at the same time.  Everyone grows frustrated, until they look around and see the relaxing posture of other patrons who are silently reading, legs curled up in a booth, with a cup of coffee, as if meditating.