Blacksburgia webisode 26: The BT Bus That Ate Everyone

The BT Bus That Ate Everyone

It’s early morning.  A host of zombified Blacksburgians shuffle down the sidewalks to the bus stop, where they board a Blacksburg Transit bus.  Josh Edwards, bus driver in a camo hat and beard, lets the weary zombies aboard, where they take their seats and stare blankly out the window.  Amidst the silence of 7:45, the human Josh Edwards glances back at the zombies, and begins to speak to the undead:
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Blacksburgia webisode 25: White Scholars

White Scholars

A grad student becomes angry that the African American Heritage room in the student center is never occupied, except by white students looking for a quiet place to study.  She tries to stage a protest against this act of racial oppression.  A couple other students show up, but a miscommunication has led to the protest organizational meeting being held in a room that at the same time is occupied by a class on Anglo-Saxon language and literature that had to move from its normal meeting place.  The student views this as an act of white aggression, and doubles her efforts to protest white suppression of blacks.
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Blacksburgia webisode 24: Book Meditation Group

Book Meditation Group 

A combination yoga meditation group/book club forms at a local coffee shop wherein attendees read from a “spiritual/non-religious” book and then meditate.  It becomes problematic when members are trying to place themselves in difficult meditation postures and keep their books open to the page they are reading together at the same time.  The group leader spends most of the meeting attempting to help everyone stay in their posture and keep their book open at the same time.  Everyone grows frustrated, until they look around and see the relaxing posture of other patrons who are silently reading, legs curled up in a booth, with a cup of coffee, as if meditating.

Blacksburgia webisode 23: Toastmasters

Blacksburgia webisode 23:

Frankie has become involved in Toastmasters, wherein people get together for lunch and practice making speeches as a form of self improvement and building communication skills.  On “invite-a-friend” day, Frankie invites the young cadet whom he and Bridget saved from being stuck in a perpetual marching loop.  Because it’s lunch in town with a bunch of adults, the cadet doesn’t think to wear his uniform.  However, the dean of the ROTC program is there.  Luckily, the dean does not recognize the young man without his uniform, as he does not recognize any cadet without their uniform.  But when Frankie introduces the cadet to the dinner club, the dean realizes that he is out of uniform and places him on probation.

Blacksburgia webisode 22: Pandapas Excursion

Blacksburgia webisode 22: Pandapas Excursion
Pandapas Excursion

A WASP family adopts a child from Africa in order to impress their fellow affluent neighbors, who they believe are not convinced that they are charitable and kindhearted.  They take their children to Pandapas pond, only to embarrass themselves.
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Blacksburgia webisode 21: Revenge of the Plaid Avenger

Blacksburgia webisode 21:

Revenge of The Plaid Avenger

John Boyer is teaching his highly sought after “world regions” course when he is informed that, due to budget reasons, he will still be teaching the class, but that it will now be online.  He shows up in the empty auditorium with a small iPad sitting on a table, filming him.  A local band crew arrives on stage and announces they’ll try not to make much noise while they set up for the show that’s playing that night.  He cries.
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Blacksburgia webisode 20: Farmer’s Market Milkman

Farmer’s Market Milkman

A man sets up a milk stand at the Farmer’s Market to sell raw, unpasteurized milk.  He begins making good business until a policeman arrives to arrest him.  The farmer makes a huge speech to the crowd about how it shouldn’t be illegal to sell raw milk, and they all cheer.  Then the cop explains he’s arresting the man because it turns out he’s not using grass fed cows, and the crowd boos and hisses at him and throws tomatoes at him before he’s hauled away.


Blacksburgia webisode 19: The Lion the Witch and the Math Empo

Blacksburgia webisode 19:

The Lion the Witch and the Math Empo
Frankie and Bridgette are fighting over a closet space when they pull back their fur coats and stumble into a magical, mystical land full of Mac computers as far as the eye can see.
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Blacksburgia webisode 18: Mad Max of Hokie Quarry

Mad Max of Hokie Quarry

A group of young men have built a Mad Max car and have broken into the Highland Park dolomite quarry to film the car driving around and pumping flames into the air in a jagged, post-apocalyptic landscape.

The police arrive to charge them with breaking and entering, and the men decide to try and evade the cop car, creating a bizarre chase scene that results in both the cops and the Mad Max car running out of gas.

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