Reading Flannery O’Connor’s “The Displaced Person”: Part II

Part II—All the Colorful, Useless Peafowl
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In part two of O’Connor’s story, Mrs. Shortley has left the farm and Mrs. McIntyre is left with the displaced Pole and her black workers. We’re given more insight into her character through her conversations with the older farmhand, Astor. While Astor remembers well her husband, the Judge, Mrs. McIntyre is haunted by her late husband. Astor has noticed two things: The decline of the peacocks and the incline of Mrs. McIntyre’s greed.
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Reading Flannery O’Connor’s “The Displaced Person”: Part I

For fans of Flannery O’Connor, “The Displaced Person” is a a short story that occupies a special place, not only because it exhibits her love for peacocks, but because of its more overt religious themes. The story takes place on a farm, the inciting incident being the hiring of a “displaced person” (or refugee) from Poland. O’Connor, a devout Catholic, is one of America’s most famous writers, known for her southern stories of grotesque people encountering beautiful grace.

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The Diderot Effect at Christmas

Who are you? What makes you who you are? Imagine you were inviting someone you just met over to your house. Except that you emptied your house of everything. You just had them come over, sit in a metal fold-out chair beside you. Oh, and your clothes are gone, except for a uniform you had to wear to a job. Now how will you tell this person who you are? How self-conscious would you feel about who they thought you were?

The things we own, the things we use and surround ourself with, become a part of who we are. We let them speak for who we are, even to ourselves. When people gift us with things, they tend to gift us things based on who they think we are. Sometimes they’re right; sometimes they’re wrong.
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We Need a Cure for Ebola, and a Cure for Ann Coulter

This isn’t the first time Ann Coulter has gone over the line.

[I refuse to link directly to her site, so here is a link to another site summarizing her.]

I’m beginning to lose count of the times she has defecated out of her mouth. If anything is a sign of the darkness of our times, it’s the tremendous following she has, the number of asinine barbarians who spout her views.
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What is a Christian T-Shirt?

What is a Christian T-Shirt?

It’s a question the answer to which helps us see how notions of how to show Christ to the world has changed and is still changing. How do I represent Christ, and how to I behave like him? Clothing, gear, things purchased—this is as much of the conversation as it was in the first century. Can the answers people give tell us a lot about how they prioritize the morality of Christian behavior?
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Blacksburgia webisode 22: Pandapas Excursion

Blacksburgia webisode 22: Pandapas Excursion
Pandapas Excursion

A WASP family adopts a child from Africa in order to impress their fellow affluent neighbors, who they believe are not convinced that they are charitable and kindhearted.  They take their children to Pandapas pond, only to embarrass themselves.
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