How Can We Take In More People? A Lesson from Virginia Tech’s Enrollment Issue

Have we run out of room for people?

If you live in Southwest Virginia, you’ve heard by now about the little enrollment problem Virginia Tech has got itself into. This fall the university is about to take in an extra 1,000 or so students it didn’t plan on taking in. Continue reading

Avett Brothers 9-11 Virginia Tech Concert Review

“We tune because we care.”

Back in 2002, about to record A Carolina JubileeThe Avett Brothers were hired as a wandering band during freshmen orientation at Virginia Tech. Nobody wanted to listen to them. They kept following people around trying to find an audience.

Seth and Scott told this story to their VT audience twelve years later, as if to say, “look where we are now.” In all the shows I’ve seen since 2007, the band has inflated and changed their style, but they have not lost what makes them who they are. I saw the same energy, passion and soul.
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Blacksburgia final episode: Hokie Invaders

Hokie Invaders

Frankie and Bridgette notice that the Hokie Bird statues are beginning to disappear and reappear in various locations in the town, and police are looking for the vandal,  It soon becomes apparent that the birds are actually stationing themselves for an some kind of invasion.  Then they realize it is really a misunderstanding and that the Hokie Bird statues just want to go home, and are circling up for the mother ship to take them away.
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Blacksburgia webisode 34: Home Place

The Home Place

Frankie and Bridgette decide they’re tired of Blacksburg food spots and want to try somewhere outside the city of Blacksburg.  Everyone warns them not to leave and wander into the unknown mountains beyond.  They go anyway, and after getting lost and winding down an old back road eventually discover an old farmhouse that welcomes them in.
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Blacksburgia webisode 33: Fusion Clubs

Fusion Club [guest idea by Conley Owens]

Virginia Tech hosts a fair for “fusion clubs”, which includes, but is not limited to, the following:
Open carry furries,
hula-hooping jazz musicians
black culture fencers
fantasy football larpers
LGBT motorcyclists
mycophiliac mushroom-collecting poets
manga ultimate frisbee team
knitting on ice

Blacksburgia webisode 32: Hokie Gear

Hokie Gear [A special episode created by Conley Owens]

Freddie and Bridgette are sent to review a new restaurant in the area, The Fork and Roast, located on First and Main. They enjoy the food, although it’s not that great, so they wonder what the big deal is about this place. When the waiter asked them how their food is, they misinterpret some secret signal, and are then directed to a back room where there is a black market, selling contraband unlicensed Hokie gear at a reasonable price.