Using Glogster in the Classroom

Today I’m featuring samples of work done on Glogster, a free web tool you can use to create a digital collage. As a teacher, I find that tools like this one help students to learn to use digital interfaces to create simple, artistic projects that demonstrate their understanding of a subject while adding variety to assessment.
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I’m A Featured Poet at Contemporary American Voices!

I am happy to announce that the poetry website Contemporary American Voices has selected me as their featured poet for May 2016!

Three of my poems appear:



Happy Hour

Along with my work, poetry of my brother, Lukas Guard, and an old schoolmate, Allison Boyd, also appears.

“My Bad”

I know the the first time I heard the phrase “my bad” I was playing basketball at church camp. I was about eleven or twelve. It was me and this older kid. We were just shooting around. I take a shot, it goes in, and he goes for it after it bounces back toward me. He takes his shot, misses, and then realizes he didn’t give me my change.

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