Blacksburgia webisode 19: The Lion the Witch and the Math Empo

Blacksburgia webisode 19:

The Lion the Witch and the Math Empo
Frankie and Bridgette are fighting over a closet space when they pull back their fur coats and stumble into a magical, mystical land full of Mac computers as far as the eye can see.
A man with the legs and horns of a goat identifies himself as their tutor and welcomes them to the Math Emporium.  He hands them a red solo cup and tells them this is their key to getting any kind of help they can imagine.  All they have to do is raise the red solo cup.  When they ask him why the cup is the key, he tells them the secret, that red solo cups have a magical power to attract upper classmen.  The two students ask how they can return to the Math Empo, and the tutor tells them that it is a fantastical place far far away from campus, and they must travel by magical fur coat closet.  Or take the BT.

Frankie and Bridgette take the red solo cups everywhere they go, and begin to give up easily on everything they are doing, raising the red solo cup to ask for help tying their shoes, choosing a new phone plan, or finding something to watch on Netflix.  True to their word, the tutors always show up, and do everything for them.

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