An Autobiography in 20 Random Moments

Recall a few years ago when those Facebook posts were popular: “My 30 Favorite songs” or “20 things you don’t know about me”.  One I have yet to see is this:
20 random, seemingly insignificant, yet nonetheless vivid moments in your life that are not at all monumental.  The idea behind it is this: If you made a list of such memories, would you be able to find a common thread, a sustaining narrative, that would explain you through these small moments in your life?  What was it that made you remember them?  Was it just scents and sounds?  Or was it some underlying significance?
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“I’m Thinking of Going Into the Ministry”

I’m thinking of going into the ministry,” said a friend once.

Or multiple times. Many of us have heard it. It usually comes as good news, even if a whispered announcement of a notion that might go by. Whether as friends, parents, or church leaders, we like to hear young people (or even adults seeking a change) seriously consider dedicating their life in service to God.

But there’s where it strikes me as funny. When someone considers what we are usually referring to as the “job” of preaching, we are taking a single kind of service to God and labeling it as THE ministry.
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