Reading Dave Eggers’ “Your Fathers”: Room 52–Promises

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Room 52: Fathers, Prophets, Astronauts and Promises

[So you’ve read Your Fathers, Where Are They? And the Prophets, Do They Live Forever? by Dave EggersSPOILERS AHEAD! Beginning with this post, Caleb Coy will interview each of the 7 kidnapped characters in the novel and interrogate them on the book’s themes.]
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9 Passages from An Authentic Derivative, by Caleb Coy

The following are selected passages from An Authentic Derivative, my debut novel. These select passages are provided courtesy of the author, for your convenience. Mine them for what you wish, but only the novel can give you the full experience of the story as told by narrator Neil Oberlin.
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He Brews: The Coffee Christianity Obsession


bible coffeeI wish I had a free cup of coffee for every time I saw a picture of someone with a Bible and a cup of coffee.

It has now become a staple of Bible study in America, reaching beyond just millennials, white girls, hipsters, preachers, or even the middle and upper class. Sometimes it seems that everybody except the Mormons is taking their daily coffee with their daily (or at least periodical) Bible reading. If you notice the images in blogs, websites, and posts. Can you drink of the same cup I drink of? Apparently, we all are.
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