An Authentic Derivative: A Novel

An Authentic Derivative
a Caleb Coy “novel”

My debut novel, An Authentic Derivative, is available on Amazon.

Click HERE to order a print copy!
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41LZSXEGPFLIndie rocker Garrett Sedgwick is a reclusive artist struggling to assert his identity to a sectarian fan base. Cynical graphic artist Neil Oberlin is given the task of sketching Sedgwick’s next album cover. However, proximity to the brooding musician begins to compound Neil’s own anxieties about himself, his generation, and Sedgwick’s great secret. Things are about to get awkward.

Set in Nashville, An Authentic Derivative tells the story of a generation of overeducated, over cultivated millennials.


8/10/15 Bibliofreak names An Authentic Derivative “book of the week.”

“Imagine The Greate Gatsby told by a young and self-conscious David Foster Wallace born after 1980.” (James Bair, EnglishPlusLanguage Blog)

“This reads like the monologue at the beginning of a later Wes Anderson film, as edited by Salinger. I don’t hate it.” (Stephano Mugnaini)

The funds to produce and promote the novel were raised through an IndieGoGo campaign. I am indebted to my friends, my family, and others who helped make possible my goal of publishing the novel independently.

Follow the protagonist, @GarrettSedgwick, on Twitter.

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