3 People Shop for a Cross

It must have been church camp when I first heard the story of the cross store, either through a devotional talk or a skit. The story will always stick with me. I have to share it. And I hope you do too.

Three people walk into a cross store, one at a different time of day. I’ve never seen a crosses-only store, so bear with me. A Christian bookstore with lots of crosses. Continue reading

Free Choice in the Fruity Fiction of A Clockwork Orange


Is Alex a victim of the modern age? He is certainly despicable in nature, and becomes the focus of society’s pity. And is it because he becomes an issue, the problem of sex and violence on youth?

Oh, but to readers, it is the question of freedom of choice. To Alex’s society, the question is whether we can reform a man permanently. But to us, it’s what we lose if we do. Continue reading