My Comfort Zone—New Poem

My Comfort Zone

You sit so still, with your heartbeat snoring
Go ahead and say that you have seen it all,
typical guru of stagnant safety
Avoiding the possibility of drowning.

Here and there with blocks we are building
Only to draw up the lines of play
This is where I say I think it’s worth the effort
And on this trail we’ve reached an understanding.

I’ll tell secrets to imaginary friends
Only to hope that you are listening
In the next room
Or down the hall
I’m glad to see you from where I’m standing.

It’s good to have you around
If I didn’t mention before
Feel free to stick around
If it’s not much I ask for
I’d like a stronger arm to pull me up
When I go out, they won’t beat me down.

See, these first steps aren’t so easy taking
Tumbling down, I crawl before I walk again
I’ll cross the street with my imaginary friend
Only to find my hand you’re still holding.

You’ve crossed into my
comfort zone.

[This poem was originally published in VerseWrights in 2015]

When a Free Press Becomes “The Enemy”

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33 Judgmental Church Folks Who Are Disappointed in You

This has been a fun week of Caleb Coy Blog’s Greatest Hits!
33 Judgmental Church Folks Who Are Disappointed in You
(Not Judging, just disappointed)


33 Judgmental Church Folks Who Are Disappointed in You
Not Judging, just disappointed

1. This Old Lady
This old lady does not want to hear your excuse for why you weren’t at Sunday service this morning.

2. This radio preacher
This radio preacher thinks you should getty up for the rapture while you still got time.

3. This Song Leader

This song leader is a bit perturbed that you are dragging out “Farther Along” a little too slowly.

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