Why The Civil War Happened

The Civil War was a tragic confrontation of a once unified people deeply divided by polarized values. There were heroes on both sides who fought hard for what they believed in, strongly convinced that their cause was the righteous one. Lives were lost, and great damage was done before the healing could begin again. But what exactly was the cause of this bitter strife that wrecked the nation? Honestly, the answer is complex and it depends on who you ask. I did the research, and after looking diligently into the matter, I’ve offered a summary of the various theories.2000px-us_map_1864_civil_war_divisions-svg Continue reading

The “Moving the Goalposts” Fallacy

Don’t you hate it when a friend agrees to a set of rules in a game and then complains about them? They try to claim they actually won by weaseling their way out of the contractually agreed-upon rules?

This is a logical fallacy in argument known as moving the goalposts. This fallacy is commonly considered a version of the special pleading fallacy. After a claim is shown to be false, an attempt at making a special exception is made. Continue reading

In 7th Grade I Wrote a Spy Novel called “8 Ball”

I did.  In 6th grade I was introduced to Goldeneye 64, which introduced me to James Bond.  I recorded all the 007 films during a TV marathon and became so obsessed I began writing my own spy novel.

It was called 8 Ball.  By the end of 7th Grade I had written it, and my plan was to have 25 of them total in a series.  This never happened.  Neither did the publication of 8 Ball.
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