What Is Human Nature? A Dialogue

What is Human Nature?

You tell me.

Is human nature good?


Is human nature bad?


How is that?

Do you expect me to know?

Is there a human nature?

Are humans natural?

Is there such thing as humanity?

What do you think?

Are we human?

Are we not?

Who are we?

Are we not us?

Why do you always answer a question with a question?

Does it annoy you?

Will you stop?


Where was I?

You asked about us.


Just now.

Do we exist?

We think.

Can we ask a question?

You just did.

Is there such thing as a question?

If there’s an explanation.

What is a question?

“What” is a question.








I’ll show you.





Who are you?

You decide.

Are you not me?

I’m me.

How can you know for sure?

I’m not you.

You’re not me?

But I’m like you.

Why are we alike?

We came from the same.

Where do we come from?


When did we become human?

In the beginning.



Do we have a nature?


Is human nature good?


Is human nature bad?


What is human nature?

To question it.

Week People—a poem

[The following poem was originally published in Versewrights.]


Monday morning hates his job
a case of himself
saying hi to Bob in the hall
who says hey back to him in the hall.
The coffee percolates, drips
a long day inaugurates a long week
and it all goes downhill from there.

Meet the sisters of the arch:
Fat Tuesday, Hump Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday
drinking martinis round a table every afternoon
and sleep heavy that evening
after they hang up the phone
full of the day’s daily review.

Friday announces herself
steals the show
is twenty-three years old and
addicted to coke.

Saturday morning wakes up late
does not remember Friday or
what he did to her.
He sits in the house all day in his socks
when he’s not running marathons
or out of town.

Sunday afternoon is an old Brit sleeping
in a musty armchair
a wooden cross hung limply on the wall behind him
a glass of brandy forming condensation by his side
as he snores
the game blaring on the telly.

The Year’s Hit Posts in 2017

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Cormac McCarthy Narrates Minecraft

Recently Max Brooks, author of The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z, published a novelization of the game Minecraft.

While I haven’t read the novel, I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like if great American author Cormac McCarthy, author of No Country for Old Men, were to narrate the world of Minecraft.

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