Blacksburgia webisode 23: Toastmasters

Blacksburgia webisode 23:

Frankie has become involved in Toastmasters, wherein people get together for lunch and practice making speeches as a form of self improvement and building communication skills.  On “invite-a-friend” day, Frankie invites the young cadet whom he and Bridget saved from being stuck in a perpetual marching loop.  Because it’s lunch in town with a bunch of adults, the cadet doesn’t think to wear his uniform.  However, the dean of the ROTC program is there.  Luckily, the dean does not recognize the young man without his uniform, as he does not recognize any cadet without their uniform.  But when Frankie introduces the cadet to the dinner club, the dean realizes that he is out of uniform and places him on probation.

Blacksburgia webisode 8: The Perpetual Rotating Cadet

The Perpetual Rotating Cadet

Frankie and Bridget are working in the VT library when they spot some ROTC cadets walking on the sidewalk outside their window.  They observe that while walking to class in their uniforms the cadets have to walk in stiff, straight lines parallel to the sidewalks and turn at right angles on the corners, and are only allowed to turn to the right.  One of the cadets gets “stuck” somehow at an odd spot on the walkway and is locked into a perpetual loop of taking two steps and turning right.  Frankie and Bridgette stare out the window at the poor cadet.
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