Blacksburgia webisode 21: Revenge of the Plaid Avenger

Blacksburgia webisode 21:

Revenge of The Plaid Avenger

John Boyer is teaching his highly sought after “world regions” course when he is informed that, due to budget reasons, he will still be teaching the class, but that it will now be online.  He shows up in the empty auditorium with a small iPad sitting on a table, filming him.  A local band crew arrives on stage and announces they’ll try not to make much noise while they set up for the show that’s playing that night.  He cries.

But then, he is slowly joined by Jason Russel, Carmen San Diego, Aung San SuuKyi, Charlie Sheen, and a host of other previous guests, all decked out in various stereotypical regional garb.  Together they join in a circle and sing “We are the World, We are the children”.  This chorus causes all the online viewers of the class to leap from their chairs, run to Burruss Auditorium, hold hands and join in song.  The UN pauses their latest session and tunes in to the class in order to sing along.  Everyone joins the Peace Corps.


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