Blacksburgia webisode 26: The BT Bus That Ate Everyone

The BT Bus That Ate Everyone

It’s early morning.  A host of zombified Blacksburgians shuffle down the sidewalks to the bus stop, where they board a Blacksburg Transit bus.  Josh Edwards, bus driver in a camo hat and beard, lets the weary zombies aboard, where they take their seats and stare blankly out the window.  Amidst the silence of 7:45, the human Josh Edwards glances back at the zombies, and begins to speak to the undead:

“How’s everybody doin’ today!”
Suddenly, heads roll upward and groan.
“Is anyone alive back there?”
Their nodding, pivoting heads begin to turn toward one another.
“Hey, what position does a pig play in baseball?”
Smiles begin to crack on the face of the undead.  Golden sunlight beams in through the window.

Human Josh Edwards begins to tell more and more jokes, breaking the curse of the undead.  He challenges one rider with earbuds to find another rider wearing earbuds, and ask them what band they are listening to.  The undead begin to speak.
The bus pulls to a stop and revived human beings emerge.  As they lively step off, another droning mob of zombified corposes stumbles on board.  Josh Ewards glances into the rearview mirror…

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