Introducing An Authentic Derivative—My Debut Novel

I am thrilled to announce that my debut novel, An Authentic Derivative, is now available on Amazon.

Click HERE to order a copy of An Authentic Derivative!

41LZSXEGPFLIndie rocker Garrett Sedgwick is a reclusive artist struggling to assert his identity to a sectarian fan base. Cynical graphic artist Neil Oberlin is given the task of sketching Sedgwick’s next album cover. However, proximity to the brooding musician begins to compound Neil’s own anxieties about himself, his generation, and Sedgwick’s great secret. Things are about to get awkward.

Set in Nashville, An Authentic Derivative tells the story of a generation of overeducated, over cultivated millennials.

“This reads like the monologue at the beginning of a later Wes Anderson film, as edited by Salinger. I don’t hate it.”
-Stephano Mugnaini


The funds to produce and promote the novel were raised through an IndieGoGo campaign. I am indebted to my friends, my family, and others who helped make possible my goal of publishing the novel independently.

Follow the protagonist, @GarrettSedgwick, on Twitter.

On Friday, August 7th, I will be hosting a Reddit AMA at 10:30pm,
answering questions about the novel.

2012: “The Year of Beards”— Why The Bearded Man Should Be Man of the Year!

Caleb Coy Blog Greatest Hits repost for Friday:
The Year of the Beards—Why The Bearded Man Should Be Man of the Year


Without a shadow of a doubt 2012 is the year of beards.  Beards have finally risen to the pedestal of prominence they deserve.  Men, take notice.  Your time has come.

I propose that the bearded man be nominated as TIME magazine’s person of the year.

Since antiquity, the bearded men have spoken.  Hear their memes…

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2013 Church Directory, Abridged

Caleb Coy Greatest Hits repost for Thursday:
Annual Abridged Church Directory


The Abridged 2013 Church of Christ Directory:

Barbed Gate Church of Christ

Welcome, is this your first time?  Would you like to be added to the church?  Just sign up for our six-month course and then we’ll have you fill out our ten-page doctrinal questionnare before we get you in the water just to make sure you’re being baptized for all the right reasons.

Billy Peebles Church of Christ

Brother Billy Peebles has been preaching for our congregation for thirty years.  Come and enjoy preaching by Billy Peebles.  If you have a question about our beliefs, just go ask Billy Peebles.  Visiting the sick, conducting Bible studies, representing our church—Billy Peebles does it all!  We hang on every word Billy Peebles says.  Billy Peebles is the place to be.

Bitter Springs (House) Church of Christ

We used to go to _________ Church of Christ, but they rubbed us the wrong…

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99% of the people you meet at Christian Colleges (stereotypes)

Wednesday’s Caleb Coy Blog Greatest Hits repost:
“99% of the People You Meet at a Christian College”


College is starting back.  Some of you will be going for the first time.  You will meet new people.  Some of you are going to a Christian college, one in the south, like I did.  How well do you know your Christian College stereotypes?  Based on the famous “99% of the People You Meet in College” article (from which I shamelessly plaigiarized), I give you a list of possible stereotypes you may encounter at a particularly Christian university in the south:

[This list is meant to make fun of stereotypes, so if you’re offended because you think one of these describes you, this blog may not be suitable for your consumption.]

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No Surprise Planned Parenthood Sells Baby Parts

The Front Porch Philosopher on the implications of the released videos from Planned Parenthood. Evils has reared its ugly head again.

The Front Porch Philosopher

Today another undercover video was released in which a Planned Parenthood doctor, Mary Gatter, casually discusses the sale of aborted baby parts, including the use of “less crunchy” techniques to extract “whole specimens.” This follows an earlier video of Deborah Nucatola describing how they can “crush” other areas to preserve prized organs for research. I must confess, I am not surprised. I am saddened and disturbed, but I am not shocked. To anyone who is, I have this question: “Well, what were you expecting?”

How would you imagine the people whose daily business is death to treat the “byproducts” of their “procedures?” Did you think that, after crushing their tiny bodies and suctioning them out of the womb, the staff would then stand around in a circle and say a little prayer? That the bodies of these children—babies with heads and hearts and lungs and legs—would be given something approximating a funeral, that they would be treated with any measure…

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What is a Christian T-Shirt?

Monday’s hit repost from Caleb Coy Blog:
What IS a Christian T-Shirt?


What is a Christian T-Shirt?

It’s a question the answer to which helps us see how notions of how to show Christ to the world has changed and is still changing. How do I represent Christ, and how to I behave like him? Clothing, gear, things purchased—this is as much of the conversation as it was in the first century. Can the answers people give tell us a lot about how they prioritize the morality of Christian behavior?

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