Why Liam Neeson Should Make a “Taken 3”

It’s not because the acting, dialogue, or script were astounding.  Because none of them were.

It’s not because the film fills a gap in our need for vigilantes to do what we feel we can’t to make a difference in the world.  Because if films like that make us feel better, they can also make us feel complacent, and maybe a little blood thirsty.  These movies do end up being a little “torture porn the family can enjoy” in some scenes.

It’s not because if there’s a sequel there also has to be a trilogy.

There’s only one reason there needs to be a Taken 3, and the reason is because it should go like this:
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Avett Bros. Concert Review—Roanoke 6.20.13

I’ve loved watching the Avett Bros.’s audience grow over the last ten years of following them, even though it’s made it more difficult to be up close to the stage.  Last night marks about the seventh time I’ve seen them, and though it’s not the best show I’ve seen, I’m glad they haven’t lost their touch.

I saw them last night at the Roanoke coliseum.  Surprisingly, there was no opening band.  Not even a local artist.  I found that disappointing.  Also disappointing was the sound issues, which were resolved early.  But considering that the band is still getting used to big arenas, I can see why they’re still adjusting.
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Why and How FOX News is Fair and Balanced

It’s quite simple, really. Under one president, Hannity will have one view. Under another president, he will have another completely different view. And that’s what being fair and balanced is all about. On the same program, from the same man, you can be sure you’ll hear both sides of an issue. Just wait til the administration changes, of course.

Patriot Act: Good for Americans. Or bad for Americans. I’m sorry, who are we at war with? Eastasia? Eurasia?

A Year of Being a Father

I’ve been a father for over a year now.  Already my son has taken 15 steps and can make approximately 5 animals sounds.  Every day it seems I discover new things to love about him.

The first time I held that boy I felt a tremendous love and a tremendous responsibility.  I had to hold him while his mother recovered, and he slept in my arms, not knowing who I was or even seeing me yet.  But he felt warmness and a heartbeat and something protective around him.  I didn’t know anything about him other than his name, and that he was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

The first few weeks were boring, but sweet.  He mostly slept, ate, and looked at our blurry faces.  I held him on my chest at night while my wife tried to get some rest.

Then came each of the little milestones: The first smile, the first laugh, the first deliberately spoken syllable, the first crawling, the first step, the first word—

His first word, we’ve agreed, was “hi”.  He waves now, says “hi” and “bye”.  He’s such a chatty, friendly boy.  He holds phones up to his head and says “hi”.  He can say “no”, and points his finger.  He says “Dada”, “Mama”, and blows kisses by putting his hand to his mouth and moaning into his waving fingers.

My boy loves bubbles, bath time, and doggies, but is afraid of laughing monkeys.  Ask  him how big he is and he will raise his arms up in the air.  Ask him how much Grandma loves him and he’ll do the same.

A couple weeks ago I had to stay home with my boy because he had a fever.  He played all day, took naps, went for a walk, and watched Lorax.  He ate a whole pouch of organic baby food.  And pooped.  When his mother came  home, I was lying on the floor, exhausted.  Toys were strewn all about the floor.  My one-year-old son crawled over to me, laughed maniacally as he slapped my back like a bongo drum, and then rested his head on me and sighed.  “Ahhhhh”.

This is my boy.  And I am his daddy.  Every day is a gift.  I don’t have any insight or wisdom to give today.  All I have is show-and-tell.  I am so happy to be blessed with fatherhood, and to have such a happy boy.  I hope the same for all those who wish for it.  I ask for your prayers that I will be a good father all my days.  I also ask for your prayers for children who do not have fathers, and for men who want to have children but cannot.  Adults, men and women, try to be a strong presence in the lives of others always, especially those whose parents are not, or could not be there.  There, that’s the wisdom/insight/moral instruction part of my post.

The other day I had a special Father’s Celebration breakfast with him at his daycare.  It was the first time I ever saw him eat an entire meal without throwing something off the table or getting upset.  He’s such a good boy.

These may just be the best years.

Happy Father’s Day to me!






Christian Peacemaking Teams: An alternative to joining the military

Christian Peacemaking Teams: An alternative to joining the military

Are you a Christian who has been offered a deal to join the military in your country?

One of the alternatives that exists is Christian Peacemaking Teams (CPT), an organization that calls for active, non-violent peacemaking action.

Among the work done by CPT are peaceful demonstrations, inter-army dialogues, supporting communities whose existence is in danger, and training for people in violent zones in alternatives to warfare as a way of solving problems.
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Edward Snowden Deserves a Medal, Not Execution

Edward Snowden deserves a medal, not execution.  His government betrayed the spirit of its architects, and he exposed them.  Of course he committed treason, but not against his country.  He committed treason against a government that betrayed its people, and for that, he is one of the bravest young men alive.


And Glenn Greenwald is a rare beam of light in this day and age.


Abstaining from the “Appearance” of Evil

Christians may hear from time to time the admonishment to “abstain from all appearances of evil“.

What you hear is a quotation of a passage from Paul’s first letter to Thessalonica (1 Thess. 5:22).  Only, we usually hear a misquote of sorts, or rather a misuse of a quote.

“Abstain from all appearances of evil” is the most commonly used quotation of the passage, from the King James Bible.  Many people shoot off this quote as if it were some sort of proof to Christians that they should not do something because it “looks bad” to others.
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EXCLUSIVE: CIA didn’t always know who it was killing in drone strikes, classified documents show

EXCLUSIVE: CIA didn’t always know who it was killing in drone strikes, classified documents show

In more proof that “Central Intelligence Agency” is an oxymoron, official documents show that, indeed 25% of those killed in strikes were identified as “other combatant” based on “circumstantial evidence”.  The document betray’s the Central Infidel Agency’s policy of “kill first; ask questions later”.

It’s time to take more money from the US military and put it in places that will actually do some good in the world.

_Parenting with Love and Logic_: A Book Review

This may not be the first time you’ve heard about the “Love and Logic” method of parenting.  As a parent of a one-year-old son who read to be prepared for having a child, I decided to begin the next step by reading ways of being the parent of a child who will eventually be capable of listening to the reasoning of parents.

Parenting with Love and Logic by Foster Cline and Jim Fay is an introduction to a style of parenting that is is meant to reflect the balance of—you guessed it—love and logic, its foundation being the teachings of Christianity, most notably the proverbs of Solomon.  Like many things I admire, their philosophy relies on a concept of balance.

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