Blacksburgia webisode 12: Farmer’s Market Fiasco

Blacksburgia webisode 12:

Farmer’s Market Fiasco
A war breaks out between retail outlets and a Farmer’s Market that tries to open up in the parking lot.  The retail outlet fights with zoning ordinances to shut down the market, while Freddie and Bridgette scramble to evade a lawsuit and keep the Farmer’s Market running.
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Blacksburgia webisode 11: Sinkholes

Blacksburgia webisode 11:

In the wake of the high school sinkhole disaster, numerous citizens are worried that their property, or that one of the various establishments they frequent, is sitting on a sink hole.  In order to quell recent fears of property values and the population declining, Frankie and Bridgette must hire a geologist to alleviate any suspicions and reassure the populace.  He checks the town out, and addresses the town in a press conference.
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Blacksburgia webisode 10: Ladies and Gentlemen…Nikki Giovanni and Bill Cosy!

Blacksburgia webisode 10:

Ladies and Gentlemen…Nikki Giovanni and Bill Cosy! 
Billy Cosby is invited to do his final stand up act at Virginia Tech.  Unaware of Nikki Giovanni’s attitude towards Cosby’s attitude towards the “young thugs with their pants hangin’ down” across America, the university asks Nikki Giovanni to write a poem dedicated to his life and work for African Americans, and urges her to include a line about “jello pudding pops” (because it alliterates after all).  She throws up a big stir about the absurdity of it, and huge protests gather around the English department demanding that Cosby not do his final show at Tech.  Nikki begins to receive hate mail for causing Cosby’s show to cancel, mail mostly from old white people.


Blacksburgia webisode 9: Sustainable Meth Lab

Sustainable Meth Lab

This webisode is a PR/instructional video for a sustainable meth-amphetamine production laboratory that seeks ecologically sustainable ways to cook meth while using as little energy as possible, using more natural, biodegradable resources,  producing fewer greenhouse gases, and relying on solar energy.  The video is meant to be distributed secretly, but accidentally leaks to the mayor, who receives the video from an anonymous tip.
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Blacksburgia webisode 8: The Perpetual Rotating Cadet

The Perpetual Rotating Cadet

Frankie and Bridget are working in the VT library when they spot some ROTC cadets walking on the sidewalk outside their window.  They observe that while walking to class in their uniforms the cadets have to walk in stiff, straight lines parallel to the sidewalks and turn at right angles on the corners, and are only allowed to turn to the right.  One of the cadets gets “stuck” somehow at an odd spot on the walkway and is locked into a perpetual loop of taking two steps and turning right.  Frankie and Bridgette stare out the window at the poor cadet.
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Blacksburgia webisode 7: Cloth Carpet

Blacksburgia webisode 7:

Cloth Carpet
A young married couple with a child recounts their journey from regular diapers, to cloth diapers, to cloth toilet paper, to— finally—their invention and advocacy of cloth carpet.  Much like the diapers and toilet paper, the couple discovered that they could save on worrying and constant cleaning if they just allowed their toddlers to urinate, defecate, and vomitate on their cloth carpet made from recycled materials, which they wash once among with a steam vac.  The go on and on about the benefits. Very practical.

Blacksburgia webisode 6: Save the Curb Strip

Blacksburgia webisode 6:
Save the Curb Strip

A group of green activists have blocked the scheduled demolishing of a small curb strip that is soon to transform a 2-lane stretch of road into a 3-lane-stretch of road.  Although the curb strip has only 400 sq. ft. of grass and three small bushes, the activist group relentlessly stands in the way of construction plans on every level.
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