The Oscars are a Joke, but Some Awards Weren’t Deserved Anyway

Why Zero Dark Thirty Got What It Deserved (nothing but an award in sound editing)

Why Argo Should Not Have Deserved Best Picture, but why it was typical that it did.
I haven’t seen Argo, but have heard all about it and it looks like a relatively enjoyable political thriller very loosely based on a true story. From the looks of it the “best picture” award was given so Hollywood could pat itself on the back for the time it may or may not have been a pivotal factor in rescuing hostages.

Jesus is…

Sunday night during a Bible study with some saints in Blacksburg, we discussed the nature of the kingdoms of the world and the kingdom of God in accordance with a theme one of our ministry leaders, Frank Sullivan, has been carrying us forward on: The Real Jesus.  On this night he brought up four things about Jesus we teach in particular that we must confront both the world and ourselves with:

  1. Jesus is God
  2. Jesus allowed people to choose to follow him by responding to testimony.
  3. Jesus is a man (not that he is still walking the earth, but that he came in the flesh and that experience is in his “memory” today and he lives in his saints, who themselves live in fleshly bodies, today)
  4. Jesus came to show us God.
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The Era of Giant Chain Stores Is Over — And They’ve Ruined America

The Era of Giant Chain Stores Is Over — And They’ve Ruined America

The Era of Giant Chain Stores Is Over — And They’ve Ruined America

The end of Wal-Mart stores is coming?  I hope this prediction is fulfilled.  Chain box stores have done more harm than good to the fabric of values in this world.

Gleanings from Clement of Corinth

The Letter of Clement to the Christians in Corinth is probably the earliest Christian writing we have outside of the Gospel canon.  The letter mainly dealt with a scandal in which shepherds (aka elders, bishops, presbyters) had been tossed out by a younger generation without good reason.  It’s a well-known letter to Christians today, but it gives us a great insight into early Christian history and culture.  Here are some gleanings from the letter:
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11 Ways to Describe Tom Waits’s Voice

If you haven’t experienced America’s favorite lacquered vaudeville rock beatnik carnival barking balladeer, you haven’t lived.

His voice sounds “like it was soaked in a vat of bourbon, left hanging in the smokehouse for a few months, and then taken outside and run over with a car.” -Daniel Durcholz
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Why There Ain’t Nothing Wrong With Double Negatives

“I didn’t do nothing,” is a double negative.  The words didn’t and nothing, both being negative, create a sentence in which there are two negatives, when it is otherwise assumed that the speaker meant to enforce a single negation: Nothing was done.

Is this an error?  Is this bad grammar?
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