Let’s Go Back to the Stone Age, Teachers!

[For this post, I take you back to my “stone age,” a time during grad school and community college teachings in which I began to grow frustrated with technology issues in the classroom. These were my thoughts.]

I hate technology today. I hate how it creates as many problems as it solves. I hate how maybe you’re right if you want to point out that this is not always the case, such as in modern medicine.
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Did God Harden Pharaoh’s Heart? YES or NO—I need to know!

You’re Moses, and you want your people freed. After decades of oppression by this ugly empire you were brought up in but fail to accept, you want your people to be delivered. Yet Pharaoh, the self-claimed ruler and “god” of Egypt, refuses the gesture. You don’t get it. Ten plagues later, he doesn’t get it. You don’t get that he doesn’t get it. Is he even human? Well, he thinks he’s above human.
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The 24 sequels to my 7th grade spy novel…

As mentioned in the last post, in 7th grade I wrote a spy novel and called it “8 Ball.” But not only did I write the novel, I planned out another 24 novels that would feature the same characters in further adventures. Because the world must obviously be made aware of the full story, I have provided a summary of the adventures below. If you read this, your day will be well spent.
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In 7th Grade I Wrote a Spy Novel called “8 Ball”

I did.  In 6th grade I was introduced to Goldeneye 64, which introduced me to James Bond.  I recorded all the 007 films during a TV marathon and became so obsessed I began writing my own spy novel.

It was called 8 Ball.  By the end of 7th Grade I had written it, and my plan was to have 25 of them total in a series.  This never happened.  Neither did the publication of 8 Ball.
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A Problem With Authority

Why do we have a problem with authority?

I get it. I very much do. In my youth I gained a general distrust of authority figures of all types, from clergy to cops, from politicians to privateers, from bureaucrats to bad parents. I didn’t get into scuffles with authorities or break the law. I wasn’t much of a rebel. But I wasn’t a fan of people having too much power. I was not a fan of being told what to do when I have no idea why I am told to do it the way I am told to. I didn’t like unnecessary pressure to conform. I didn’t like to hear “because I said so,” “I’m in charge, that’s why,” or even “by the power invested in me by the state of ________.” But here’s the thing: I still maintained respect.
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