Blacksburgia webisode 27: Radio Killed the Talent Show

Radio Killed the Talent Show

Shelor Motor Mile hosts their annual high school talent show, and invite the stars of a local radio program to host the show.

They light up the family friendly evening with their corny jokes, until one of them accidentally slips out with an awkwardly off-color joke about “boobs”.  There are sudden gasps and giggles, and Frankie and Bridgette realize they will have to arrange a public apology from the radio show, the school superintendent, and Shelor Motor Mile, just to appease the family audiences over what was really a somewhat clean remark that everyone forgot about  by the end of the night, but only remembered with a more shocking memory after the apology airs on the radio—more people know about it because of the apology than from actually hearing it—, when especially the joke is incidentally repeated on the radio in the midst of the apology, causing more controversy, which calls for another apology…

Oh, and 1st place goes to those handsome boys in bowties who sang barber shop quartet style.

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