Seamus Heaney’s “The Haw Lantern” at Christmas Time

Our first Christmas together as a couple my wife gave me Irish poet Seamus Heaney’s collection of poems, The Haw Lantern. Reading the title poem, I was drawn by the imagery of fruit and dying light in winter, and and I thought of Christmas tree lights, but knew that the reference to Diogenes meant something else was going on than a cute comparison of two plants. Years later, I open the book again and turn to the poem, drawing a light on how the poem has grown on me, what fruit it now bears. Continue reading

Joseph’s Plans for Mary

He was a faithful Jewish man from a little town of Nazareth, engaged to a faithful Jewish woman. She was a graceful and humble young woman. She was shocked to hear from an angel that she would bear the child who would be the Messiah. Not only was she a nobody in the world, but she was a virgin, and would not marry for several months. Conception was impossible! What if people thought she had betrayed her fiancé, or slept with him before the wedding? But the Spirit would be upon her, God would protect her, and the Son would be born trough her.
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Listen to Christmas Music (NOT Rush Limbaugh)

The other day I was getting a little tired of Christmas music in my car and began browsing radio stations until I turned to hear a familiar voice that always made me cringe a little.

Rush “the disinfotainer” Limbaugh.
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Graphic the Valley—Review

graphicgiving a vivid picture with explicit details,
or rocks having a surface texture resembling cuneiform writing

17822884It was a book I came across in a discount store for a dollar. it was worth more than a dollar. Graphic the Valley by Peter Hoffmeister is a rarity that somehow flew under the radar. In short, it’s the story of Samson loosely retold as the story of a modern American Indian young man living in Yosemite Valley.
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