Home-style Chikin Fellowship

Leaders of Chick-fil-a, I first want to extend my sympathy towards you after the loss of your vice president of public relations, Don Perry.  Public figures are often targets of hateful attacks, even in their deaths, and I am saddened to hear that there are so many people spewing hateful rhetoric in the wake of his death.  There is no reason to dance on the grave of anyone.

I also hope your claim is true that it was not anyone in your PR department who created fake Facebook profiles using stock photos of teenagers in order to booster your company’s reputation.  I believe your denial that you did so, although we would hopefully agree that whoever did so was guilty of lying and deceit.  I hope that your denial, which represents a denial that you would stoop to such a low place, encourages other people and organizations not to use stock photos to represent people who do not exist.
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Remember when “virtual” used to mean “pretend”?

This weekend my blog is a guest post on Trae Bailey’s blog, The Curated Self, about the pros and cons of virtual learning, and where we can go from here.  This is for everyone who ever has or may take one or more classes online.


In the Jailhouse Now

I know some of you don’t care about people once they’re thrown in jail.  Criminal is criminal, right?  And the more of them there is in jail the better off society is.  Something like that.

Well, God disagrees with you.  I normally don’t adopt this tone when arguing, but if you’re the kind of person who has this attitude you can take such a mopping and it’s good for you.

So I want to encourage the rest of you to sign this petition because in Alabama the jail system is devouring the poor.  Contrary to the belief of those who don’t know Jesus but claim to really know his hand of justice, captive-releasing, justice-doing, poor non-devouring, and prison-visiting are important elements to Christianity.

Sentences should be fair, not just jail sentences.  An uncompassionate crime=jail sentence where you throw someone away and throw the key down the toilet does nothing to “fix” society.

Prevent extortion rackets in your local area.  Or just build bigger prisons.  I mean, whatever makes you feel better safer from all those criminals who aren’t worth troubling over except to lock up.  People putting you in danger by not paying their speeding tickets and all.

Here’s the petition:

Fires Will Rise: Batman Review and Commentary

[I’ll tell you when the spoilers come.  You’re good for now.]
I’ve been incredibly impressed with these Batman movies.  I wasn’t a real avid comic reader as a kid, but they were part of my literacy experience.  Comics aren’t just stuff for kids and nerds, but the hieroglyphics of our age.  They’re fantastic stories with words and images that speak of the human condition.  Maybe a thousand years from now people will think Comic Con was a pilgrimage to worship American gods.  Ironically, though no sane adult would claim to believe these worlds are real, we do let them affect them as reality too often.  Fiction and fantasy.  Fun and fear.  It can inspire.  It can also reflect some of the worst in us.

The film is about revolution, about the livelihood of a city, a community, about the investments people make in a community, about the consequences of our decisions, or our lack of decisions.  It’s about what happens when we hide the truth, when we hide behind masks, hide underground, hide in our money, our castles.  It’s about punishment.  It’s about redemption.  About rising.

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Top 10 Reasons Why this Link is Funny

Top 10 Reasons why This link is funny:
1. It’s true

2. Bible humor is always funny to Christians

3. Sojourners isn’t even a comedy site, but a site dedicated to discussing Christianity and social justice issues.

4. It makes allusions to the text Stuff Christians Like, which is a nod to the website and book Stuff White People Like.

5. Trae Bailey was the first person to like my twitter link to the article, as I predicted he would be.  You can read his new blog here, by the way.

6. The author’s first name is “Christian”.  Surely that’s a joke too.

7. Below the article are four different links that are also lists, lists of cliches Christians use too often.  You should check those out too.

8. The comments are pretty funny.

9. The fact that I created this blog post in response is also pretty funny.

10. I don’t know, but I’m sure I’ll come up with another one later.  I had to have ten.

Stay Abreast of Lactivism

Women breastfeed their babies.  They’ve done it longer than restaurants have been in existence, longer than public parks have been in existence, longer than Western society has been in existence.

Breasts.  Breasts.  Breasts.  Maybe if I say it enough times you won’t blush.  Breasts.

For longer than your family’s last name has been around women gathered around and breastfed their babies.  In America, granted, breasts are very sexual.  Thus, most women who breastfeed their babies in public do so discreetly.  It’s a grace they give.

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