Blacksburgia webisode 4: La Leche League Lactivism Litigation

La Leche League Lactivism Litigation: 

A group of women form a breastfeeding support group circle on a park lawn.  A complaint is lodged against them because their group is offensive and indecent.  When they prepare to argue against the complaint before the city council, we discover that the complaint is not actually about their “expose breasts”, but was a complaint from a radical feminist art shop owner who believes breastfeeding and domestic motherhood to be demeaning to women, and that society should not be exposed to such repressive practices.

Later, the art shop owner hangs a painting of a naked woman with breasts exposed just outside her window.   She receives a threatening phone call demanding that she take the painting down.  An investigation leads to a man who confesses.  It turns out the man was complaining not because the painting was indecent, but because the woman in the picture was ugly. The judge finds him guilty of harassment, and when the judge gets home he pours a glass of wine and admires the painting of the naked woman he has purchased.

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