Blacksburgia webisode 9: Sustainable Meth Lab

Sustainable Meth Lab

This webisode is a PR/instructional video for a sustainable meth-amphetamine production laboratory that seeks ecologically sustainable ways to cook meth while using as little energy as possible, using more natural, biodegradable resources,  producing fewer greenhouse gases, and relying on solar energy.  The video is meant to be distributed secretly, but accidentally leaks to the mayor, who receives the video from an anonymous tip.

But with all the talk of phenylacetone synthesis and hydrolyzing formyl amides, he doesn’t actually pick up on it being “meth”, but some sort of chemical production lab of some sort helping the community.  So he sends Frankie and Bridget on an errant to commend the lab with an award for sustainable pharmiculture, accidentally sparking a scandal based on a misunderstanding.

In the end, the judge sentences the meth lab producers to years in  prison, but then reduces the sentence due to their efforts at sustainable cooking.


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