Blacksburgia webisode 11: Sinkholes

Blacksburgia webisode 11:

In the wake of the high school sinkhole disaster, numerous citizens are worried that their property, or that one of the various establishments they frequent, is sitting on a sink hole.  In order to quell recent fears of property values and the population declining, Frankie and Bridgette must hire a geologist to alleviate any suspicions and reassure the populace.  He checks the town out, and addresses the town in a press conference.

During the press conference, the geologist reassures the crowd that there are no—

the ground under the stage on which the geologist is standing suddenly gives way, and he is swallowed up in a sink hole.  Frankie and Bridgette look at each other, then at the sinkhole, then at the crowd, then at each other.  The crowd panics and runs off.

To be continued…

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