Blacksburgia webisode 12: Farmer’s Market Fiasco

Blacksburgia webisode 12:

Farmer’s Market Fiasco
A war breaks out between retail outlets and a Farmer’s Market that tries to open up in the parking lot.  The retail outlet fights with zoning ordinances to shut down the market, while Freddie and Bridgette scramble to evade a lawsuit and keep the Farmer’s Market running.

They design a tent-like structure that qualifies as a “building” in order to satisfy zoning laws.  The permaculture consulting firm, which has set up their booth at the market, must hire another consulting firm to find a way to qualify them as a vendor, and not a contracting service with an open-air office.  The live musicians try to play their music on the sidewalk while walking back and forth, so that they do not impede parking zones or pedestrian crosswalks.  The permaculture firm finds out a way to “hand out literature” but officially complete their sales in a delayed transaction that takes one business day after the market is set up.  Other vendors pose as extremely early tailgaters and stand under green umbrellas as a secret sign to customers they are selling their goods out of their truck beds.

Eventually, it is decided that the market has been grandfathered in under the “establishment use” clause, and nobody can really define what a farmer’s market actually is.  But customers love the edgy, underground feel of how business is now being conducted that they continue doing business “undercover”, some of them actually unaware that what they are doing is now officially legal; and vendors keep it quiet, now that sales have spiked since they were suspected of lawbreaking.

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