Blacksburgia webisode 3: Hooptie Ride Ad


Hooptie Ride Ad
An ad for Hooptie Ride featuring drunken testimonials, including sorority sisters, frat boys, bar hoppers, runaway brides, hookers, two white boys who listen to hardcore rap and drink Fuze to try and sober up, a sassy 10-year-old on having a birthday party, and an old lady who just wanted to get to the airport to see her daughter.

The Hokey Pokey Rickshaw, The Mystery Mobile, The Yellow Submarine, The Purple People Eater and other magical mystery vehicles are shown cruising down the road as a casual rider pukes out the back window.  The crew is shown cleaning the smell off the plush upholstery to ensure a pleasant ride for future customers.

“Warning: Good Times Are Closer Than They Appear!”  Rides are 8 dollas a pop.

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