Blacksburgia webisode 6: Save the Curb Strip

Blacksburgia webisode 6:
Save the Curb Strip

A group of green activists have blocked the scheduled demolishing of a small curb strip that is soon to transform a 2-lane stretch of road into a 3-lane-stretch of road.  Although the curb strip has only 400 sq. ft. of grass and three small bushes, the activist group relentlessly stands in the way of construction plans on every level.

Freddy and Bridgette work out a truce with the activist group, allowing the patch of grass and three bushes to be “transplanted” to an awkward spot in the middle of a parking lot.  Out of habit, drivers who frequent the parking lot continually drive over the grass strip that they forget has been moved, and the activist group perceives it as a defiant stand against all things green, furthering their paranoia.  They bravely decide to tear up pavement and try to plant seeds underneath, but are won over when they realize how difficult it is to dig up pavement without industrial road equipment, so they settle for dumping the seeds into various man-holes across the city, in hopes that there will be a seedling revolution.


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