Blacksburgia webisode 5: Vegetarian with Fish

Blacksburgia webisode 5: Vegetarian with Fish

Vegetarian with Fish
Part I—

Frankie and Bridgette decide to eat consciously and visit Gillie’s restaurant.  They spend twenty minutes figuring out exactly what kind of restaurant it is: “Vegetarian with fish.  Ok, so there’s no meat, but there is fish.  Yes, and there’s also eggs?  Ok but that’s vegan, right?  I just want to make a conscious decision.  Are we doing the right thing here?  Who makes your bread?  Ok, so not everything’s local but some of it is?  Which foods are local?  Your potatoes—are they organic?  But they are vegan.  Your burgers are vegan too, right?  What do they use?  Where are the beans farmed?  This fly in my soup—is it locally harvested?  I’m still confused about the whole vegan but also fish thing.  Honey, are we making the right decision here?  Oh, there’s live music!”

Part II—
Across the room is a couple visiting their son at VT for the weekend who also stopped by the restaurant:
“Vegan?  What’s that?  Oh you mean it’s vegetarian?  You don’t serve any meat here?  Well then why did we–oh, you have fish!  Well I don’t want fish, I want a burger.  You have burgers?  But you said there’s no meat.  Bean burger!  What’s that?  Is it vegan when there’s no meat?  I can’t hear over that man’s guitar.  Um, excuse me, that woman is just breastfeeding her baby out in the open for everybody to see and her boob is hanging out.  What kind of bistro is this?”

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