Don’t Look Up: A Christian Apologetic?

I know what you’re thinking: Don’t go there. The Netflix hit Don’t Look Up is a political satire and an allegory for climate change. There is no Christian subtext.

Ok, the movie obviously wasn’t written by a baptist studio, an evangelical media startup, or Kirk Cameron. It was written by a liberal comedian. And the idea of a random comet hitting earth and destroying all human life for no reason contrasts with the end-times beliefs of most Christians, not to mention the disbelief in climate change by many—but not all—evangelicals.

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Ten Ways to Have a Better Relationship…With Your God

I’ve found some relationship advice I want to share. There is a world out there of magazine posts and blog articles giving us “5 steps to…” and “10 ways to…,” many of them centered on relationships. Seems easy. Here are ten ways you can have a better relationship with God:

1. Don’t Have a Relationship With Other Gods

Exclusivity and fidelity to God are a no-brainer, but sometimes we give in to that craving to have more. We can’t forget who is Lord of our life. Continue reading

1 Peter 3:15 and Loving Apologetics (Part 3)

Previously I wrote about how 1 Peter 3:15 “call to apologetics” should be read in context of its immediate passage to inform us about what apologetics is. In a passage that anticipates persecution from without, making a defense is seen as a holy necessity that must be done with gentleness and reverence.

I decided to read through the entire letter of 1 Peter, trying to imagine myself as his audience, and allowing the entirety of the letter to inform my understanding of “defending the faith.” Continue reading

In Memory of My Grandmother, the Saint

One of my earliest and most consistent memories of my grandmother is of her changing the flowers that would sit behind the pulpit above the baptismal pool. It may seem odd that such a mundane and routine memory stands out to me, but I think it epitomizes how she lived her life, in service of the small things that made life beautiful.
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Why So Many Christians Vote Democrat

In these 2 weeks my goal is to break down as simply as possible why many in Christians in general vote for either of the two major parties in elections. Christians who are staunchly Republican may wonder why someone who shares the same beliefs, values, and worldview would dare vote for a Democratic. Christians who are staunchly Democratic may wonder why someone who shares the same beliefs, values, and worldview would dare vote for a Republican. Christians who are neither of these may wonder the same about either.
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“The Pursuit of Perfection: grace” by Jesse Robertson

from “The Pursuit of Perfection: Grace” by Jesse Robertson

“Knowledge and obedience, however, begin small and grow if we are truly trusting and loving God. He is on our side. It makes no sense to believe that God loved us so much that he sent his Son to die for us, and that he then constructed a labyrinth of doctrine that could only be negotiated successfully if one made correct assumptions and inferences, or that he left us on our own to finish an obstacle course of temptations.”
-Jesse Robertson

A Shot of Faith To The Head: The Full Review

_A Shot of Faith To The Head_: Bad Title, Great Book

Below are all my review of A Shot of Faith to the Head, a good book with a bad title:
Part 1:  Is Belief in God Irrational?
Intermission: The Art of Rational Self-Defense
Part 2: Does Science Prove that God Does Not Exist?
Part 3: Does Evil Prove that God Does Not Exist?
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_A Shot of Faith To The Head_: Bad Title, Great Book: Conclusion

_A Shot of Faith To The Head_: Bad Title, Great Book: Conclusion

As Mitch Stokes reasoned in his book, there are three evidential reasons for why belief in God is rational:

  1. The universe is rational, and we are rationally able to comprehend and communicate it’s rationality, which reflects a rational being, a perfect form that created the physical world to be rational.
  2. The universe looks designed, and not only that—it also has no physical (non-supernatural) explanation for why it looks designed, which leads us to accepting a supernatural explanation for the designed universe.
  3. Humanity comprehends and communicates absolute moral standards, concepts of good and evil that have no physical explanation or, more importantly, physical reason for an ought, which points us to a supernatural being that has instilled a sense of morality.
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