Why Liam Neeson Should Make a “Taken 3”

It’s not because the acting, dialogue, or script were astounding.  Because none of them were.

It’s not because the film fills a gap in our need for vigilantes to do what we feel we can’t to make a difference in the world.  Because if films like that make us feel better, they can also make us feel complacent, and maybe a little blood thirsty.  These movies do end up being a little “torture porn the family can enjoy” in some scenes.

It’s not because if there’s a sequel there also has to be a trilogy.

There’s only one reason there needs to be a Taken 3, and the reason is because it should go like this:
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The Oscars are a Joke, but Some Awards Weren’t Deserved Anyway

Why Zero Dark Thirty Got What It Deserved (nothing but an award in sound editing)

Why Argo Should Not Have Deserved Best Picture, but why it was typical that it did.
I haven’t seen Argo, but have heard all about it and it looks like a relatively enjoyable political thriller very loosely based on a true story. From the looks of it the “best picture” award was given so Hollywood could pat itself on the back for the time it may or may not have been a pivotal factor in rescuing hostages.