English Teachers Of My Youth: Mr. Benson

7th grade: Mr. Benson    

I suddenly felt older that year, no longer one of the little tots who came in to middle school. Although we’d act like small children or fearful pupils in other classes, I found myself in command of a kind of adult respect around Mr. Benson.
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Tree Shaker: Nelson Mandela Biography Open Response for English Teachers

Nelson Mandela passed away on December 5 of this year.  It was around this time of year a year ago that I read a biography of his, Tree Shaker, by Bill Keller.  I read this book in order to create a sample assessment for students.

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Gleanings from Clement of Corinth

The Letter of Clement to the Christians in Corinth is probably the earliest Christian writing we have outside of the Gospel canon.  The letter mainly dealt with a scandal in which shepherds (aka elders, bishops, presbyters) had been tossed out by a younger generation without good reason.  It’s a well-known letter to Christians today, but it gives us a great insight into early Christian history and culture.  Here are some gleanings from the letter:
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I am not a shadows scholar

An Academic Ghostwriter, the ‘Shadow Scholar,’ Comes Clean

As a teacher, I feel I need to come out and say now that I am not a shadow scholar.  I do not write papers for students.  I have never written a paper for a student.

However, once I did completely re-write a paper for a fellow student when I was in college.  It was the summer, he was taking a marketing course online, he wrote a paper describing a plan to market and sell paper towels that “open easier” because there is an opening tear strip, everyone knew it’s easy to open paper towels by poking the top hole, and he had a lot to work on in terms of grammar and mechanics besides.  So I completely rewrote his paper.  The trade-off: He let me cleaned the lazer tag arena for me while I “edited” the paper.

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