A Church Who Loves the Idea of Racial Diversity

At our church we are very passionate about diversity.  We may not have a diverse family in our belief community, but we believe in having one.  We are very quick to tell you we are very diverse, and just as quick to tell you that we are not as diverse as we would like to be.  We know you are looking for a church with ethnic diversity, but if you happen to be white, don’t be afraid of tampering with our ethnic variety ratio by joining. We are neither Jew nor Greek, neither black nor white, neither Polynesian nor Cambodian, neither Serbian nor Turkish, neither Guatemalan nor New Guinean—but our home page photo sure is.  You can’t find a more inclusive congregation than that.  Even photo models who have never even heard of our church are members.

We love to use photos of diverse, happy herds of people, people gathered into tight groups on an invisible plane, surrounded by an endless sea of white background.  Always a white void we contrast against, always white and pale.  Anyway, we are desperate to appear to visitors and seekers as a colorful cast of differing faces all unified in racially diverse solidarity, and we will pay whatever price we can for those photos, even if none of us are in them.  We will put those stock photos on our website, photos with a decent ratio of males to females, and a spectrum of whites, blacks, Latinos, Asians, and maybe even one Pacific Islander.  Some churches hope that one day “Muslim” will be added to the wish list, while other churches hope that one day the distinctions between “Arab” and “Muslim” will be more widely known

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Book Review: ‘When the Church Was a Family’ by Joseph Hellerman

I grew up hearing a lot about how the Church is a family, and I’m thankful for that. Sometimes I would hear it described as an institution, and it struck me as funny to hear. For a long time I’ve tried to remind myself that Church is family, but I haven’t been challenged quite like I was when reading Joseph Kellerman’s When the Church Was a Family: Recapturing Jesus’ Vision for Authentic Christian Community.
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We Need a Cure for Ebola, and a Cure for Ann Coulter

This isn’t the first time Ann Coulter has gone over the line.

[I refuse to link directly to her site, so here is a link to another site summarizing her.]

I’m beginning to lose count of the times she has defecated out of her mouth. If anything is a sign of the darkness of our times, it’s the tremendous following she has, the number of asinine barbarians who spout her views.
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A Church Divided—Confessions From a Millenial—Link

A Church Divided—Confessions From a Millenial—Link

An honest millennial shares the struggles of growing up with know-it-all ignorance, swinging into know-nothing ignorance, and striving for the spiritual balance of theological confidence and humility.

33 Judgmental Church Folks Who Are Disappointed in You

33 Judgmental Church Folks Who Are Disappointed in You
Not Judging, just disappointed

1. This Old Lady
This old lady does not want to hear your excuse for why you weren’t at Sunday service this morning.

2. This radio preacher
This radio preacher thinks you should getty up for the rapture while you still got time.

3. This Song Leader

This song leader is a bit perturbed that you are dragging out “Farther Along” a little too slowly.

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“An open letter to American Christians, especially the shepherds of our flocks, regarding pacifism and just war: A plea for peace and understanding” by Jeremy Marshall

From the post:
“My invitation to you, my brothers and sisters who would one day beat your swords into ploughshares (but not just yet) is simply this: at least be more welcoming to peaceful peasants such as I am, who have welcomed God’s kingdom into our lives by laying down our sword and shield (perhaps preemptively) by the riverside to study war no more. We are doing no harm to you. Further, I would challenge you to consider what it is worth making your ploughshares into swords and your gardening tools into spears over.”

via An open letter to American Christians, especially the shepherds of our flocks, regarding pacifism and just war: A plea for peace and understanding.