Sustainable Hobbiton: Found my dream hood

Real Life Hobbit Village Proves the Greenest Way to Live is Like Bilbo Baggins

A real life hobbit village.  And it’s sustainable.

I remember reading an article in the St. Austin Review that described Tolkien’s Hobbiton as an embodiment of a social philosophy known as “distributism.”  G.K. Chesterton was a big proponent of it.  Wendell Berry—know him?  You could call him one too.

It’s basically agrarianism where everyone is a peasant and nobody is a lord.  In Hobbiton, all the farms are for sustaining the community, not trading with the outside world at large.  The mill is the closest thing to an industry, but once again it is for producing enough for the Shire.  “Distributists were ‘greens’ before anyone had the label,” and it certainly wasn’t because they worshipped the earth or anything.  As Christians, they believed not that all creation was God, but that all creation was God’s temple.

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You can’t zone a people, but people should watch their zones

Maybe you heard the story about the preacher who got arrested for preaching in Arizona.  And maybe you heard the version that Glenn Beck told.  Or anyone else at Fox News told.

No, that’s not what happened.  And no, Christianity is not becoming illegal in America.  This is Arizona.  You’re not going to find a town that puts a man in jail for “operating a church”.  It’s a matter of complying with city ordinances about safety.

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