The Obama Era: A Christian’s Reflection

By the time Barack Obama was about to be elected, I had just enrolled in a Master’s program in English, having grown up around conservatives and now surrounded by liberals. I had a respect for both Republicans and Democrats and their differing perspectives, but didn’t feel like either one. I’ll never forget the emerging polarization as Obama was elected: the celebration and the grief. Obama’s presidency is the first I witnessed since coming to a political maturity. Under his presidency, and my college education, I learned the depth and complexity of American politics and culture.
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My Response to Jim DeMint’s Response to Putin: On American Exceptionalism

DeMint’s letter to Putin can be found here.

DeMint would need to provided evidence that America is dedicated to the universal principle of human liberty. Given recent events, as well as the conditions of the African American and American Indian during the early years of The United States, this principle is not clearly held, and if one were to prove that it is and was, one would bear the burden of proof. Perhaps DeMint will provide such proof in his sequel letter?
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It Was the Best of Times; It was the Worst of Times. And There Was This Kid President Too

It Was the Best of Times; It was the Worst of Times.  And There Was this Kid President.

The State of the Union is: Awesome
The State of the Union is: Not Awesome

How can this be?  Isn’t it too simplified?  That message is too happy.  No, that message is too sad.

We got wisdom; we got foolishness.  We got belief; we got incredulity.  We got light; we got darkness.  We got spring and winter; We got hope and despair.  Everything and nothing.  Heaven and Hell all around this here world.

Why, just last week, silly people who were trying to do the right thing gathered round a poultry peddler and stuffed their faces in the name of patting themselves on the back for liking family to look a certain way.
Why, just a day later silly people who succeeded in doing the right thing gathered in a burrito bazaar and stuffed their faces while helping out a family in need in a certain way.

Why, just this morning, I had to drop my baby boy off at the day care for the first time.
Why, later this afternoon, his momma’s going to stop by and feed him and rock him, and later take him home.

Why, just this weekend an sweet old lady I know passed away.
Why, that sweet old lady was one of the sweetest I ever met, and she’s still around, you know, in a way, and she’s somewhere else now, and when I think about where, I think about sweet things.

Why, just this past week some people some gold medals.
Why, just this past week some people didn’t win any medals.

So you know things all over this world are going to be the way they are.  Which one would you like for it to be more like?  Better or worse?

Let’s make it better.

Now dance.