Top 10 Reasons Why this Link is Funny

Top 10 Reasons why This link is funny:
1. It’s true

2. Bible humor is always funny to Christians

3. Sojourners isn’t even a comedy site, but a site dedicated to discussing Christianity and social justice issues.

4. It makes allusions to the text Stuff Christians Like, which is a nod to the website and book Stuff White People Like.

5. Trae Bailey was the first person to like my twitter link to the article, as I predicted he would be.  You can read his new blog here, by the way.

6. The author’s first name is “Christian”.  Surely that’s a joke too.

7. Below the article are four different links that are also lists, lists of cliches Christians use too often.  You should check those out too.

8. The comments are pretty funny.

9. The fact that I created this blog post in response is also pretty funny.

10. I don’t know, but I’m sure I’ll come up with another one later.  I had to have ten.

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