In the Jailhouse Now

I know some of you don’t care about people once they’re thrown in jail.  Criminal is criminal, right?  And the more of them there is in jail the better off society is.  Something like that.

Well, God disagrees with you.  I normally don’t adopt this tone when arguing, but if you’re the kind of person who has this attitude you can take such a mopping and it’s good for you.

So I want to encourage the rest of you to sign this petition because in Alabama the jail system is devouring the poor.  Contrary to the belief of those who don’t know Jesus but claim to really know his hand of justice, captive-releasing, justice-doing, poor non-devouring, and prison-visiting are important elements to Christianity.

Sentences should be fair, not just jail sentences.  An uncompassionate crime=jail sentence where you throw someone away and throw the key down the toilet does nothing to “fix” society.

Prevent extortion rackets in your local area.  Or just build bigger prisons.  I mean, whatever makes you feel better safer from all those criminals who aren’t worth troubling over except to lock up.  People putting you in danger by not paying their speeding tickets and all.

Here’s the petition:

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