We Need a Cure for Ebola, and a Cure for Ann Coulter

This isn’t the first time Ann Coulter has gone over the line.

[I refuse to link directly to her site, so here is a link to another site summarizing her.]

I’m beginning to lose count of the times she has defecated out of her mouth. If anything is a sign of the darkness of our times, it’s the tremendous following she has, the number of asinine barbarians who spout her views.
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T.E. Hannah on The Problem with a (Merely) Personal Jesus

T.E. Hannah on The Problem with a Personal Jesus

Should I “accept” Jesus as my “personal savior”?  What does this entail, and how does it resonate with the Good News message?

T.E. Hannah’s Analysis, in short:

 1. Christians Are Called To Follow, Not Accept

2. Christians Conform To Christ, Not Christ To Christians

3. Christians Are Called To Community, Not Isolation

4. Christians Are Called To Serve, Not Be Served

5. Christians Are Saved For More Than Just Themselves