A Church Divided—Confessions From a Millenial—Link

A Church Divided—Confessions From a Millenial—Link

An honest millennial shares the struggles of growing up with know-it-all ignorance, swinging into know-nothing ignorance, and striving for the spiritual balance of theological confidence and humility.

“My Week at the Full Armor Lectures” by Jeremy Marshall Day 2 (pt. 4)

“My Week at the Full Armor Lectures” by Jeremy Marshall
Day 2 (pt. 4)

from part 4:
“Just look at the logo on the dust jacket. This book was published by the once-sound, now apostate Harlan Publishing House. Let me give you a brief list of titles, so you can see what other heretics they are harboring. They’ve put out My Mama Sang Tenor, Too by the weepy story-teller Buddy Silver. They published the downright odd volume,Jesus and the Art of Volkswagen Repair by the so-called “Hippie Preacher,” Archie Klein. And they also released an awful book called Lessons I’ve Learned About Christian Living From Playing Texas Hold ‘Em, by Francis Spicoli. That Harlan Publishing released this book from Brother Jones is very telling–it means that none of our faithful publishing companies like Banner of Love or Full Armor Press will touch it with a thirty-foot pole!”