We Need a Cure for Ebola, and a Cure for Ann Coulter

This isn’t the first time Ann Coulter has gone over the line.

[I refuse to link directly to her site, so here is a link to another site summarizing her.]

I’m beginning to lose count of the times she has defecated out of her mouth. If anything is a sign of the darkness of our times, it’s the tremendous following she has, the number of asinine barbarians who spout her views.

When she called out European football (also known as Soccer) for being a sign of the downfall of America, we all just laughed. (This lady must have had a traumatic soccer experience as a child and wanted to take it out on the world like a rejected Pixar villain).

But this time, she has done everything short of committed blasphemy. This time, she has mocked the saints of God, despised the call of the Gospel, and openly worshipped the false god of American Empire.

Well Ann, I have news for you. Your god is losing the culture war, because he doesn’t exist. He is simply not the God of Abraham.

Coulter’s God demands us to “serve their own country” at the expense of all else—to unquestioningly assign yourself only to the people of your geographical borders, and to kill other people in the name of your own body politic— something you’ll never find in the Christian Bible.

Ann Coulter’s God is a steaming pile of—well, you know, the stuff that comes out of her mouth when she talks.

In the title of her post, Coulter claims that the “Ebola Doctor” has been “downgraded” to “idiotic”. Apparently, if you selflessly help the needy and spread the gospel, your priorities aren’t straight. But the truth is, Dr. Brentley has been upgraded to saintly (as if he wasn’t before) and Ann Coulter has been downgraded to satanic.

The world is backwards. Ann Coulter should have Ebola and Kent Brantley’s work should be televised daily. But Jesus came to turn the world upside down. Who will introduce this Jesus to Ann Coulter? Who will tell her about it? Get a TV spot with her. Tell her the good news. Before it’s too late for her. Before the disease takes hold of whatever is left of her heart and ravages it to death.

At this rate, her next rant will be against God for sending his only begotten son to the disease-infested countryside of Galilee to touch lepers.

Garrett Best summed it up wonderfully:
Kent Brantely shows us how to live in the heavenly kingdom. reminds us how the world thinks.”

Hey Ann, if you’re reading this, you’re a coward. You ran from Jesus.

Without him, how do you expect to be well again?

Unlike your ideal hospital, God is always willing to take you in and heal you. Will you let him?

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