Listen to Christmas Music (NOT Rush Limbaugh)

The other day I was getting a little tired of Christmas music in my car and began browsing radio stations until I turned to hear a familiar voice that always made me cringe a little.

Rush “the disinfotainer” Limbaugh.
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My “Protest Vote” for Gary Johnson

In all honestly, I almost decided not to vote at all until his campaign kicked up more momentum after July 4th. I turned my attention to Gary Johnson. As an article from The Washington Post pointed out, what makes Gary Johnson unique is that he a) is very popular for a Libertarian, and b) is more willing to compromise on size of government than most Libertarians. In other words, he is a realistic and viable candidate from America’s big third party.
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The Trust Deficit: A Sign of Political Times

You know it’s a sign of bad times when there is a trust deficit between the candidate and most of its party members in both major political parties. While most elections are obviously marked with distrust of opposing candidates, this one seems too frequently punctuated by embarrassing distrust of candidates from their own supporters. That should be alarming to anyone who normally expects a democratic election to pump out qualified leaders.
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