Why and How FOX News is Fair and Balanced

It’s quite simple, really. Under one president, Hannity will have one view. Under another president, he will have another completely different view. And that’s what being fair and balanced is all about. On the same program, from the same man, you can be sure you’ll hear both sides of an issue. Just wait til the administration changes, of course.

Patriot Act: Good for Americans. Or bad for Americans. I’m sorry, who are we at war with? Eastasia? Eurasia?

2 responses to “Why and How FOX News is Fair and Balanced

  1. I completely agree with you, but how does he differ from any other news anchor on any of the three main networks? Or were you simply stating this due to their slogan being Fair and Balanced?

    • Good question. I don’t watch the other main network news stations (or any TV news, really). It’s an attack at the myth of Fox being especially fair and balanced, as it’s their motto. The other networks don’t have such an open claim, nor do they boast of serving a minority clientele that is being given a “no-spin” kind of news other stations deprive people of. For anchors like Hannity, this stuff is extra hypocritical.

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