Why We Like Duck Dynasty, and Why We Need More TV Like It

It’s a family reality show that should not have happened, according to probability.  It would be hard sell, you see: A show about a duck call warehouse—no.  A show about a family that wears camo and beards all the time—no.  A show about a family that celebrates their faith and eats good food—no.  Producers might give such a family a 20-minute spot on some show about America’s unique families.  They look like Tolkien characters given rifles and Southern accents.  And yet someone saw the potential in giving the Robertson clan their own show.

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_Parenting with Love and Logic_: A Book Review

This may not be the first time you’ve heard about the “Love and Logic” method of parenting.  As a parent of a one-year-old son who read to be prepared for having a child, I decided to begin the next step by reading ways of being the parent of a child who will eventually be capable of listening to the reasoning of parents.

Parenting with Love and Logic by Foster Cline and Jim Fay is an introduction to a style of parenting that is is meant to reflect the balance of—you guessed it—love and logic, its foundation being the teachings of Christianity, most notably the proverbs of Solomon.  Like many things I admire, their philosophy relies on a concept of balance.

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_Not Worth Fighting For_ Review: Part 3

Chapter 2 discussed the hope of the resurrection and the life of Jesus as the core of Christian nonviolence.  We dealt with the question of helping a neighbor who is being attacked and how a Christian committed to nonviolence may handle such a situation and why.

Chapter 3 leaps right into a very very difficult question: “What would you do if someone were attacking a loved one?

I have a wife and a child.  I love them and want to protect them from evil.  Because of this, many things in this world are unsettling to me even more than they would be were I single and childless.  Whatever I believe and do, I must live like Christ.
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