“Tell It Like It Is”: A Frequently Abused Phrase

Frequently Abused Phrases: “Tell It Like It Is”

The other day I heard a fella give praise about another fella because he “calls a spade a spade,” meaning that he’s blunt enough to address things how they are. We value the qualities of plainspokenness, forthrightness, conversational grit. We don’t like it when people beat around the bush when they have something to say. We don’t trust people who always seem to speak in code or tread through every statement as if scared to offend someone somewhere. I get that.
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Abstaining from the “Appearance” of Evil

Christians may hear from time to time the admonishment to “abstain from all appearances of evil“.

What you hear is a quotation of a passage from Paul’s first letter to Thessalonica (1 Thess. 5:22).  Only, we usually hear a misquote of sorts, or rather a misuse of a quote.

“Abstain from all appearances of evil” is the most commonly used quotation of the passage, from the King James Bible.  Many people shoot off this quote as if it were some sort of proof to Christians that they should not do something because it “looks bad” to others.
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