Why and How FOX News is Fair and Balanced

It’s quite simple, really. Under one president, Hannity will have one view. Under another president, he will have another completely different view. And that’s what being fair and balanced is all about. On the same program, from the same man, you can be sure you’ll hear both sides of an issue. Just wait til the administration changes, of course.

Patriot Act: Good for Americans. Or bad for Americans. I’m sorry, who are we at war with? Eastasia? Eurasia?

_Not Worth Fighting For_ Review: Part 5

The last chapter dealt with Hitler.

Chapter 5 deals with a question we might often overlook: “Must Christian Pacifists Reject Police Force?”

One reason it’s overlooked is that, until 200 years ago, military and police weren’t really seen as separate entities in most of the world.  They are both government agents authorized to use force, and even violence, if necessary.  The distinction remains important because, unlike war, police can truly “be accountable to legislative regulation” that “at least stands some chance of punishing only the guilty while protecting the innocent.”

In this chapter Schlabach first introduces the concept of nonviolent policing, which some people may regard as a joke.  How are police effective if they don’t use force?  But the same question could be asked of soldiering, perhaps.
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