Is Christianity a Western Religion? 8: Western Creeds

Is Christianity a Western Religion? What denominations and creeds to we find in the West?

By and large (among the denominations that arose after the Protestant Reformation) the denominations of the West and their creeds were influenced by or reactionary against Western thought, but Christianity itself predates many of these Western movements (such as The Enlightenment and The Renaissance), and was not a response to any particular cultural wind, certainly not one of the West.
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My Response to Jim DeMint’s Response to Putin: On American Exceptionalism

DeMint’s letter to Putin can be found here.

DeMint would need to provided evidence that America is dedicated to the universal principle of human liberty. Given recent events, as well as the conditions of the African American and American Indian during the early years of The United States, this principle is not clearly held, and if one were to prove that it is and was, one would bear the burden of proof. Perhaps DeMint will provide such proof in his sequel letter?
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