My Response to Jim DeMint’s Response to Putin: On American Exceptionalism

DeMint’s letter to Putin can be found here.

DeMint would need to provided evidence that America is dedicated to the universal principle of human liberty. Given recent events, as well as the conditions of the African American and American Indian during the early years of The United States, this principle is not clearly held, and if one were to prove that it is and was, one would bear the burden of proof. Perhaps DeMint will provide such proof in his sequel letter?

Chesterton’s words are about creed, not about practice. If having a noble creed written on a piece of paper makes one noble, then there are many more noble men in the world than show themselves. For it is very evident from the walls of bathrooms that many Americans do not believe all men are created equal, and it is evident from a small amount of visiting other parts of the world that Americans in no way have the market cornered on generally believing that, yes, all men are created equal. Since the ideas behind the Declaration did not originate in America, they are not exclusively American.

DeMint’s statement that America has always used her power for good demonstrates his lack of a basic 3rd grade history education, severely limiting his ability to persuade a reasonable, educated audience. Had America not made certain decisions violating her own Constitution in the early 1900s, the Berlin Wall may never have been built by the Soviets in the first place.

DeMint, as well as the framers of the Constitution, failed to demonstrate exactly how men being created equal is “self-evident”, especially considering that historically this truth was not evident in and of itself to billions of people, but learned through enlightenment, experience, or revelation. DeMint’s letter is critically vacuous, for it apprehends only one side of the irony of Putin’s critique, meanwhile a host of more qualified voices have identified the fulness of the irony, and use it not to boost the pride of their own heritage, as did the Pharisees of Jesus, but rather humble a very earthly nation with a very earthly policy towards outsiders who, having not become American citizens, are not yet truly seen as equals.

Sometimes you must quote Yoder in responding to a malinformed senator who is responding to Putin who is responding to Obama who is responding to a rhetorical situation that the US Constitution can’t solve but Jesus can.  There is only one truly exceptional country, and it covers all countries and is covered under them.  It reigns by submitting.  It was the first and only kingdom whose king truly broke the barriers between all men.

One response to “My Response to Jim DeMint’s Response to Putin: On American Exceptionalism

  1. To quote Yoder, “To make anyone believe in the inherent equality of humans God must intervene.” Therefore, it is not self-evident. Says Yoder,

    “According to an ancient American document, as you well know, we are supposed to hold it to be a self-evident truth that all “men” are equal by creation. We could of course dwell on more than one shortcoming of that revolutionary vision. “All men,” when that declaration was trumpeted across the Atlantic in 1776, did not include women or black or red men or poor men. Nor is the notion of creation endowing creatures with rights self-evident. But the more fundamental error is that people are in fact not equal by creation. Every well-established understanding of creation in the roots of our culture has seen it as explaining not how we are the same but how we are different. Slaveholders in the antebellum South of this country, Africkaners in the Republic of South Africa, and Ian Paisley in Belfast have all rooted their ethnic separatism in a doctrine of creation. [..] According to the apostolic witness, interethnic harmony is a work not of creation but of redemption.”

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