An Immigration Hymn


Wrote a little hymn. Here goes…


The prophet Zechariah repeated the commandment:
Do not oppress the widow or the orphans, the foreigner or the poor.”
Then he repeated,
Do not plot evil against each other.”
Imagine if Zechariah had instead convinced you that you had to pick one of those. That as long as there was at least one orphan, you shouldn’t help a foreigner. Or that as long as there were poor, orphans could die.
And imagine if he told you that you needed to take sides with factions based on this. That your enemy was a neighbor if he didn’t see it like you. That it was one way or the other.
That’s plotting evil. Against each other.


Oh and by the way, for all my conservative buddies out there, Ronald Reagan believed in amnesty for immigrants who entered illegally.


You know what Ronald Reagan didn’t believe in?

A border wall.


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