Pieces Published in the Last Two Months

Happy Spring readers!

Thought I’d catch you up in what I’ve been able to get out in the past couple months.

“Sometimes freedom is the impoverished commitment of two lonely people who have fled.”

I had a short personal essay, “Times I Thought of Running Away,” appear in Sunlight Press. Read here.

As for the rest, it’s all satire:

READ “My Name Is Ken Follett and I Am Now Going To Writing Short Fiction” appeared in Slackjaw

READ “I, Belle, Am Tired of Living in an 18th Century Village” appeared in MuddyUm

READ “A Male White Oak Issues An Apology For Allergenic Assault” appeared in Doctor Funny

READ “Quiz: Who Said It? A MAGA Politician? Or Adolf Hitler?” appeared in The Haven

READ “This Cold Pizza is Not My Attempt To Prevent Unionization; It’s a Selfless Gesture of Thanks To My Employees” appeared in Greener Pastures

READ “Streaming Services and Their Enneagram Types” appeared in MuddyUm

READ “Letter to George Lucas From the Tunisian Ministry of Tourism, 1983” appeared in Doctor Funny

READ “Movies in the Cocaine Bear Cinematic Universe” appeared in Weekly Humorist

READ “My Name is Ishtar: Stop Confusing Me With Easter” appeared in Backyard Church

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