Eggs and Eaters: Maternity in The Mandalorian

Early in The Mandalorian Din Djarin reluctantly takes up the mantel of foster parent with “the child” (aka Baby Yoda).

While we’ve seen the Mando’s fatherly abilities tested throughout the show, episode 2:2, titled “The Passenger,” gave us an exploration of maternal instincts in the Star Wars universe.

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Book Trailer for _Wonder_ by R.J. Palacio

Recently I read the new juvenile fiction novel Wonder by R.J. Palacio, about a boy born with a facial disfigurement who is about to enter public school for the first time.

I was on a team with two others, Paige Horst and Katie Estes, cohorts of a graduate class in teaching young adult literature.  Our goal was to create a book trailer for Wonder.  We focused on the motif of space and the universe in the novel.

I recommend Wonder for adults and children.  It’s a great message about kindness.