Because There Aren’t Enough Opinions About The Last Jedi

I’m tired of the haters.

Look out for the spoilers.

Episode 8 was spectacular. Yeah, it had its flaws. Like, do I need to know that salt is salt?

I loved the humor. It’s a space opera. After Han being gone, we need a new kind of sass.

I liked all the critters. They were unique and didn’t steal the scene, but complimented the scenery and plot.

The whole Leah using the force thing was a bit out there, but isn’t it about time she use the force? She is a Skywalker.

Speaking of Force, I think this was the one movie that explained and showcased the force best of all. The meditating, the mirror, the “moving rocks” bit.

I like the use of the casino world to show how the Empire’s evil plays itself out. Real relevant to this universe.

I like the sort of anti-Calvinism in the character fate exposition.

Also how Yoda kind of takes a Book of Hebrews approach to the “old law” that is the original episodes. The past is past, and was good, but this is a new era.

The language, though. That was unnecessary. This is supposed to be family friendly. And it’s in a galaxy far far away, so take a lesson from Farscape and learn to make up  some frelling nonsense cussing.

1492200576129The greatest teacher, failure is. Luke, we are what we grow beyond. That is the true burden of all masters.”

True, Yoda. True. Let’s face it. The original saga had its serious flaws. Bad dueling, ewoks, whining about power converters. It was good, and it was new, but this a different era for a different kind of storytelling. I’m ok with that.

May the force be tickling your knuckles.

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